Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Change of Plan

First off I need to apologize for being so late in posting/updating my blog. I have had many friends and faithful followers over the years wonder what the hell happened to me! Considering my last post was when I was still in Singapore in January.

After leaving Singapore my plan was to hit Thailand before heading back to pick up Fred in Switzerland. Followed by my ride too Southern Europe crossing over into Morocco to tackle Africa.

Well a lot has changed since then. 
And the greatest thing about it is through my travels I have learnt I can make momentus changes at the drop of a hat and never look back.

So what has happened? Well first off the world is truly small......Who would of thought I would run into my friend and fellow world moto traveller Frankie in of all places Thailand. 

The last time I saw Frankie was two years prior as we crossed with our motorcycles on a sailboat from Central to South America. I also had the chance to meet his good friend Dinna who is also a avid world moto rider! 

After leaving Thailand it was time to be reunited with Fred once again. I cannot thank my good friend Georg  enough for storing Fred over the winter. You are a true friend and I look forward to hearing about you adventures in Iceland.

Ok so here is where the plans changed. As mentioned prior I was to be heading south from Switzerland towards Morocco. But while at Georgs' I realized I could no longer put off the hand surgery I badly needed, especially if I wanted to tackle the challenging off road found in Morocco.

It seems I have something called trigger finger and I can no longer bend my pinky back. Eventually it will close-in completely. Not the greatest thing to have when you need all the dexterity you can muster for riding off road. 
So I made a last minute decision that I would head back to Canada for surgery via France.

Now I also had another big decision to make........What would I do with Fed and what about Africa?

Remember earlier I said change is easy. So I did exactly that...... not only did I decide to come back home for surgery but I would also be shipping Fred home! 

Canada customs arrival after leaving 4 years ago.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

But what about Africa and the rest of my adventure? After 4 years around the world two things have become apparent for me. I run toward change not away from it and I have been bittern by the adventure bug. 

And what may the next adventure be! Well I have deiced to go around the world a second time from Canada too Alaska crossing over into Russia then heading south through Mongolia and Central Asia eventually landing in Africa.

But this next time is with an added twist. 
Meet my next round the world adventure vehicle.

I haven't given him a name yet but it will come to me when I least expect it. 
So here I will sit for the next few years saving and prepping for a whole new round the world experience waiting for more life altering experiences.

To all my friends and followers over the years. 
All I have to say is just do it!
As the Amex commercials say "it is priceless"

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Singapore Part 2

If you have not been to Singapore you may be unaware that the city is actually growing in size. This is directly attributed to the building out of the land and Islands. A prime example is the island of Sentosa which has been expanded and developed.

A view of Sentosa Island from the mainland.

There are a few ways to get to the Island. You can drive, take the mono rail or the tram. All forms will take you pass the Port of Singapore.

The island is a mixed bag of tricks. You can find some very nice beaches to relax on. But it is clear the main reason this island was developed was as an entertainment destination.

You can't get much more tacky tourist the Universal Studios. A casino, waterpark, aquarium and numerous westerns type restaurants are scattered throughout.

Found my Chinese calendar sign. 
It is pretty positive and accurate and outlines how well I will do in particular areas of my life. And true to form I fail in the romance category. Hell I did not need any astrological sign or calendar to tell me that lol.

After a day of walking a couple thousand kilometres (felt like that) it was time to walk down to Clarke Quay for dinner.

The area is filled with restaurants and bars both along the waterfront and under a covered  entertainment complex

Specialty of the night it seems is seafood. I was quite curious about the Canadian Geoduck Clam as I had never heard of or seen one before.

You will see these signs throughout the city in various forms. It shows how important English is to the forward progress of Singapore. Singapore is a major financial and transportation hub and English is the international business language. The government is trying very hard to eliminate what they call Singlish and get people to talk proper English.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Singapore Part 1 (Country #54)

The first thing you need to know about Singapore is the do not screw around when it comes to drugs. Maybe the USA should take notice and they might be able to reduce there drop problems.

Welcome to my room for the next 3 nights. This is very common in Singapore due to the extremely high costs associated with accommodations. 
It comes with WIFI, power outlets and a fold out table.

Boat Quay at night

So what do you do in Singapore? Simple...... it is all about dinning, drinking and shopping. It is a Foodies dream come true. Actually the biggest complaint by Singaporean themselves is there is nothing else to do in the city.

Boat Quay during the da.

I am staying in one of those numerous buildings lining the Boat Quay .

Singapore is beautiful lit at night.

Merlion Park with its famous fountain.

Thought I would ruin the fountain with a picture of my ugly mug.

Across the harbour looking at the Theatre Hall

Cool design with a ship along the top. This is what Singapore is all about Architecture. The best way for me to describe Singapore is it is a Asian country that does not know it is in Asia. There is absolutely no chaos that is found in the capitals of all other Asian cities. 
You will not find Tuk Tuks/Tricycles or moto taxis or even jeepnes clogging up the street. In fact I have not seen one vehicle billowing black smoke! 
So what vehicles have I seen on the streets? At least six Ferraris, three Lambos and two Maseratis.This city is all about business and big money. The only people wearing shorts and a T-shirt like myself are the other tourists. All the locals wear business attire day and night.

So why is this hotel famous? Because this is where the original drink called the Singapore Sling originates from.

Can you see me?

Thought the city you will find food centres with Hawker stands. By far the best places to eat if you do not want to bust your wallet. 

Lunch consisted of Lemon chicken and a class of natural sugar cane juice. 
Total cost $5.50

Buddhas Tooth Temple in China town.

China town was pleasantly quite due to the fact that many Chinese are still on holidays in other countries for the Chinese New years holidays.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Just Random Stuff

Well since I have decided to sit still for a while. I thought I would post some of the things I see on a daily basis that makes me go hmmmmm?

This is a restaurant on Alona Beach. It is clear that the owner chose the wrong name when he decided to build years ago.

Now I understand it is costly to change the name of your business. But seriously should you be making shirts for your staff that read I love ISIS! 
Talk about being out of touch from the world.

Just one of the many nightly visitors I get (Praying Mantas). 
Welcome to the tropics.

Here I am getting a puncture fixed at a local Vulcanizer. I love the ingenuity of developing countries. Why remove the whole tire to fix the puncture......Just pull the tube out while still attached.

Apply patch with adhesive and press with heated iron contraption and let sit until cool down.

Had to buy this for the pure sake of curiosity. Tooth paste in pouches rather than a tube.

One of my not so good purchases while try to cook at home.

A couple of pics of my home away from home at the moment in the Philippines. A traditional Philippine style house called a Nipa Hut. 
Of course with some Western upgrades.

Look mom....... I made my bed 

My outdoor kitchen

View from my front door during a tropical rain storm.

And of course no Nipa Hut is complete without your very own guard dog. Meet the fearsome Yogi! Protecter of the community.

And finally a few shots of my local swimming hole.
Alona Beach on the Island of Pangloa.