Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dumaguete City (Island of Negros)

Well after swimming with the whales it was time to grab a quick bus to the pier in Liloan and catch the ferry across to the city of Dumaguete on the Island of Negros. It was an easy crossing as the ferry ride is only a half hour across.

It is hard to believe that I have been in the Philippines for almost a month already. My initial VOA at the airport was ending on the 22nd so it was time for a visa extension.

One of the reason for my decision to come to the Philippines was the positive articles I read about getting visa extensions in this country. I have been all over the world and had to get many extensions and most are a right pain in the arse. True to what I read it was by far the easiest and friendliest immigration office I have ever dealt with. So, I am good for one more month and then it is time for the big extension which includes getting my AR card (Alien Residency).

I know this is a big taboo back in North America about having xmas decorations out before remembrance day or Halloween. But here in the Philippines it is full on already and it is only the middle of October. The malls are full of decorations and xmas music is being pumped over the sound systems everywhere. For me I have no issues with this as I have been in countries over the past few years that do not celebrate xmas. This makes me feel closer to home so I am enjoying the moment while I can.

Dunkin Donuts is already into the xmas spirit as well.

The central market in downtown dumaguete is located in three large blocks with each block focusing on different needs. 

Dumaguete is unique in that they are building a boardwalk along the ocean front. I did not really notice it but there is reportedly over 4000 expats living here. 

Walking back from the market I stumbled into this Saturday afternoon parade.

I believe it was school bands competing

Some useless facts about the Philippines.
 Other than their native tagalog language English is spoken everywhere. But what is interesting is that they count in Spanish along with the days of the week and months as well being in Spanish. This all stems from this country being occupied by other countries for the majority of its existence.

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