Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Moalboal (Cebu Island) and Oslob

It is becoming very apparent that the main reason to visit the Philippines is for diving. I am fully certified but have yet to take the plunge again. I may have to start re-thinking that idea.

One of the best places to dive is the beach town of Panagsama just outside of Moalboal.

View from the shore. Damn that water is clear! There is a reef wall 100 metres off shore and the popular Pescador Island a half hour boat ride away.

My first ride since leaving Fred behind in Switszerland. 
125cc's of pure adrenaline (NOT). Damn thing was so uncomfortable. And what the hell is with semi automatic. Make up your mind.....Auto or manual!

Another popular past time while in Moalboal is canyoning.

You start at the top of the mountain and canyon and cliff jump your way down to the bottom of Kawasan Falls.

Final jump of the day is a 15 meter plunge.

I think most people have seen the giant schools of Sardines on National Geographic. They used to be found off of Pescador Island. This meant taking a boat out in order to dive with them. 

But for some reason the Sardines had decided to move 50 metres off shore of Panagsama beach. So now it  is a simple two minute snorkel off the beach and you will find them hanging along the sea wall. I do not have a under water camera so I snagged these pics off the internet. But this is exactly what you will see when diving or snorkelling. It is really cool how they just surround you and make these amazing patterns as they flow by.

This is officially another check mark off the bucket list.  After leaving Moalboal I headed to the town of Tan Awan near Oslob. This is still on the Island of Cebu but at the Southern Tip.

This area is famous for snorkelling or diving with the majestic Whale sharks. There is no reason to scuba as these giants are just off shore like the Sardines. I so damn wish I had a camera!!!!!!! As it was truly a memorable experience and a high recommendation if coming to the Philippines.

The day I dove there were know less than 12 Whale Sharks hanging around.

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