Sunday, October 25, 2015

Siguijor Island

A two hour ferry ride from Dumaguete brought me to Island number five. 
The Island of Siquijor is not overly large but it seems to be an island visited by most.

As I mentioned to friends on Facebook I am now the proud owner of a selfie stick. Damn I never thought I would buy one haha. So now you can expect many pics of my ugly mug.

After a walk along the beach it was time to settle in my ocean view cabin. 

As with all the Islands I have been too so far the lack of people around is mind numbing. They call it the start of the high season but there is just no people around. Resorts are dead.......

At the moment of this writing there was a typhoon (Lando) in the norther part of Lazon. I was in the southern Philippines, but I was still catching the edge of the storm. Many ferries were canceled due to the high seas.

When its in your blood to ride you do what you got to do. As I tell many people it I meet it is not what you ride but that you ride. I do sometimes question that line thinking after riding one of these machines. 

Another Island and another set of waterfalls to explore. This one came with an interesting caveat though.

The first set of falls were just so so and could not touch the ones in Moalboal.

It seems that no matter where I ride in the world I naturally end up finding dirt tracks to ride. Cutting across the centre of the Island I took a round that went up and over a mountain. The little Honda wave handled it like a real trooper.

So far I have rode a Honda XRM 125cc, Honda Wave 100cc and now I am going high end on a Scoopy scooter for a day. 
Fully automatic and it actually has some padding in the seat!

It seems it is time for the rice harvest. Many homes are drying the rice on the road which I have seen in other countries as well. I also know that there is more than one harvest a year when it comes to rice. Explaining why it is such staple for their diet.

Some roads good and some not so good.

Another stop in between waterfalls was to go find the 400 year old Banyan tree. 

There is a natural spring that comes from beneath the tree. The spring is full of the cleaner fish that love to eat the dead skin off your feet. You pay big bucks in fancy spas to have this done. Here it is just 5 pesos and you can sit and enjoy the nature for as long as you like. There were some surprisingly big cleaner fish as well.

Final stop of the day was a much nicer swimming hole than the first. Also no bandits of child thieves to worry about. All in all the Island of Siguijor was nice but just to isolated for me. Time to plan which Island to hit next.

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