Thursday, September 10, 2015

A return to Germany

The tour of visiting people I have met in my prior travels continues. You may recall I met a couple from Germany (Theo &Andrea) while camping in Croatia. 

When I arrived at their place Theo wanted to take me for a ride through the local surroundings. Little did I know that he had a surprise for me. He bought Fred and I a one lap pass (20km) on the famous race track! 

After leaving Theo's place it was off Regensberg to visit Alex and Sonja who I travelled with while in Bolivia. Once again great to see old friends and there hospitality new no bounds. Here Sonja went out and bought all the food for a proper Germany (Bavarian) breakfast.

Overview of the Abby across the Danube

Having a few beers at the Abby.

After visiting Regensberg it was off to the village of Fussen to see the Fairy castle.

 I have placed a link since you are not allowed to take pictures of the inside

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