Saturday, September 19, 2015

Switzerland...... Toblerone Anyone?

Well I can't think of a better way to end my tour of Europe for 2015 than a ride through the Swiss Alps.

I left in the morning from the town of Schwyz where there are three mountain passes with in 100 km.

Even though it was cold the views were stunning. 

Highest altitude reached for the day was around 2400 meters.

Yes, the snow is already coming down at the tops of the passes. Glad I made it now as within a few weeks things can change dramatically at that altitude.

So why am I in Schwyz?
 Well my good friend Georg who I met in Guatemala three years ago offered to store my bike over the winter! So here I am......And this is the view Georg gets to look at everyday from his front window. 
Not bad, not bad at all! 
And by the way he is not even here at the moment but actually riding his motorcycle through Australia.

Fred's hangout for the winter.
 At least he will not be alone as he has Georg's wife's bike and Georg's bike to hang with when he returns from Australia.

It was a great year to date that saw me ride from Thailand to Switzerland in the past nine months. But in the continued spirit of adventure I have decided to head to the Philippines for the winter.

No bike, No  plans, one pair of flip flops a couple of pairs of shorts and tees .............lets see where it goes!

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