Friday, September 4, 2015

Can't get more Dutch than Windmills

My visit to Holland has been a visit of connecting with friends I have met during my travels. My first stop was to go see my friend Hennie.

And when in Holland there are three must do's.
1. Ride a bicycle
2. Where wooden shoes
3. See the Windmills

 It was a perfect day so we headed off to see the windmills of Kinderdijk.

You really do not get more Dutch than these two pictures of the traditional windmills.

Meeting the locals means doing things the locals do. So why not an outdoor concert in the village of Laren

What a great night! 
The music was fun the beer cold and the friendship great. 

My next stop was to visit my friends Ingrid and Branko who I met in Guatamala three years past. Little did I know that I would be riding again as Ingrid's other passion aside from motorcycles are horses.

This could be a scene from the movie the Hobbit with me on what I swear was a pony. But Ingrid assured me it was a real horse haha. We laughed so hard as she was like Geldor on her giant horse and I was like Baggens on my little pony.

Me in Ingrid in every guys dream garage.

I was really happy to get to see Branko again.
 Just as I was ready to leave he came back from his business trip and we had a chance to have a quick coffee and chat.

I needed to fix my pannier and what better place than Branko's shop. Everything you need to work on a motorcycle was at hand.

So it seems like I will have to visit Holland again as I still have other friends which I did not get a chance to see.

Until next time my friends and thanks for the great visit.

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