Monday, August 17, 2015

Slovenia (Country #47)

Motorcycles and camping are extremely popular in Europe. 

After leaving Bosnia I decided to skip the rest of the coast of Croatia and head for the pine trees and fresh water lakes. I just seem to enjoy the wooded areas more than the barren coast along the sea board. It probably comes from growing up surrounded by lakes and forests back home and memories of camping.

And to date the camping has been great. I have been treating myself and staying in full on campsites rather than stealth backwoods camping. The campsites usually have a restaurant, wifi, market and sometimes entertainment. This group was performing and singing traditional songs for the campers.

Another great reason to camp are the people you get to meet.Campgrounds are very much like hostels. It just seems that people who camp are just that much more inclined to want to meet other people. 
Here I met Theo and Andrea from Germany who are also avid riders and I will for sure be dropping by to say hi when passing through. They were great host and invited me over to their campsite for drinks at night and breakfast the following morning!

To me this picture just screamed quintessential Europe. 

Now after my first night in Slovenia I was off to Triglavski National park to do some more camping. But hey why not drop by Italy for lunch on the way! That is how crazy close everything is here in Europe.

After a great lunch in Italy it was back over to Slovenia to set up camp in the park

This was my view from the campground in Bovec and where I will be heading the following day.

One of the main reason for taking this route is to ride the popular Vrsic road through the mountains.

And as expected the ride was packed full of amazing scenery.

After riding the pass I ended up in the town of Bovec where I spent a few days chilling on the beach. Once again you cannot complain about the views.

Well my camping days had to come to an end for a bit as it was time to visit another capital city.

This time it was Slovenia's capital of Ljubljana.

The city itself like the country is not large but has a nice feel to it.

The main river runs through it where you can take boat rides for sightseeing or just amble along the river walk.

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