Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mostar Bosnia (Country # 46)

You can tell summer vacation is in full swing when you hit the borders and see the line-up of cars. The border crossing between Croatia and Bosnia heading towards Mostar had the longest lines to date. The sole reason for this is there is only one lane for entry and exit in both directions. 

In the picture above I have just exited the Croatia side. Now I only have about 20 cars ahead to the Bosnia crossing. This does not seem like a lot but it still took 40 mins in 38 degree temperatures to go about a 100 meters. What you do not see is the 2km line-up behind me!!!!! Now once again it rocks to ride a motorcycle as we just ride by the line up of cars straight to the front. 
The line up for cars was at least a 3 hour wait.

About 15 minutes after crossing the border I was so hot I needed to cool off. I found this nice little spot along the river to gear down and take a dip

This billboard by Redbull confirms what Mostar is famous for and that is diving off the Stari Most bridge. Locals will put on a show if they can collect enough money from the tourist wandering back and forth over the bridge.

The bridge plays a significant part in the heritage of Bosnia. It was actually destroyed in the Bosnian/Serbian war. But it was such an important landmark to the people that they rebuilt the bridge back to its original splendour.

At the bottom of the bridge is where us tourists dive into the river. 
Just a wee bit lower than the bridge.

Taking a break after swimming in the river. Once again the temperature was in the high 30's.

Now I know where the saying comes "if you build it they will come". 

Doing a little route planning over a breakfast with Bosnian coffee. I am working my way towards Slovenia so I will need to exit Bosnia, enter Croatia and then enter Slovenia. Don't think I want to do that all in one day due to border line-ups.

Glad I did not try to do it all in a day. With the hot temperatures come extreme rain storms. You cannot see it in the picture but there is a big black wall of rain coming. I decided to wait it out in this abandoned house. Of which there are all kinds scattered throughout western Bosnia. Reminders of the past war and its effect on the people.

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