Friday, August 7, 2015

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

If you are a Game of Thrones junkie you will recognize Castle Dubrovnik otherwise know as Kings Landing in the movie series.

Myself I read the books instead so I was completely unaware of this fact until I arrived.

One of the gate entrances into the castle.

Pirate Candy shop

It does not get much more touristy than Dubrovnik. With all the cruise ships coming in the castle is just one big tourist trap. And with cruise ships comes extra high prices for everything since cruise tourist have to much money to burn.

Kings Landing harbour from the TV series.

On the outer walls you will find a few choice bars where yo can enjoy a cool one and jmp in the sea at the same time.

Somewhere in a inner courtyard. 
It was very interesting to see that in such a small castle/fortress area how many mosques and churches they built in the old days.  
I think every street had either one or the other.

Once again on the outside of the walls there are many nice swimming pots.

As nice as it was to see Dubrovnik it was way to touristy for me. I am glad I only spent one night in the city.

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