Monday, August 3, 2015

Montenegro Part 2

As always some of the best rides are off road. Once I climbed to the top of Durmitor National Park I found myself a nice back road to bring me back down.

The back road was just me and nature. And I so needed this ride through Montenegro since I was in desperate need of some nature.

Wild wild horses (just like the Rolling Stones song)

Yup, nothing but space baby! 

Another shot of the Gorge.

Now if I thought I was inspired by the view in Durmitor. Coming out into this view on the coast made my jaw drop. The whole trip from north to south in Montenegro is some of the best riding and scenery I have had in 3 plus years. 

Looking down to the town of Kotor. 
Just 32 switchbacks to the bottom and I will be sipping a cold Pivo (beer)

My views for the next 5 days.

Cannot beat chilling and swimming in the Adriatic Sea


  1. Nice to see that you had a good time in Montenegro.
    Photos are awesome, that adventure was great!

    1. Thanks as it was an amazingly diverse landscape.