Thursday, August 20, 2015

Austria (Country #48) I hear the sounds of music

Here are the step by step instructions to properly hike in Austria.

Step 1: Grab a group of friends have a drink at home (8:30 am) then drive to first hut.

Step 2: Have another drink at first hut in preparation of the difficult hike ahead

Step 3: Hike through a beautiful Austrian valley with the sounds of cow bells ringing in the distance.

Step 4: Make it to second hut and relax from the 45 min hike.

Step 5: Indulge in another drink to help you relax and prepare for the hard hike ahead.

Step 6: Make sure the doggies are cooled off and ready to go!

Step 7: This picture is important not because I am in it. But it shows the extreme distance we had to hike from the former hut to the next.

Step 8: Relax at hut #3 after gruelling 5 min hike.

Step 9: Of course it is time for some Austrian Schnapps and some food to prepare for the next leg of the journey.

Step 10: Make sure you hit the loo before heading out. You wouldn't want to have to pee in the bush haha.

Step 11: Actually hike for 1 hour to your final hut. Yes we did in fact cover some distance albeit a little drunk.

Step 12: Enjoy the traditional food, drinks, music and of course the great people of Austria.

Step 13: Head to another wine and beer garden for the rest of the night. Suspiciously there are no pictures of this part hmmmmmm.

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