Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Moldova (Country #38)

Why go to Moldova? 
One reason and only one wine.

Many are unaware (especially from Western countries) but Moldova is actually know for wine. They also have the two largest underground wine cellars in the world.

The two wineries are Milestii and Cricova. The wine cellars extend for 200km currently of which 55km are in use. It is estimated that there are currently over 2 million bottles within these wine cellars.

What makes this wine tour unique is they are drive through tours underground. In Milestii you have to bring your own car but must leave space for the guide. 

I chose Cricova for a tour since they provide a golf cart style tour if you do not have your own car. As much as I would like to drive my motorcycle through. I did not think it would be a good idea after tasting a bunch of wine.

Just flying by some wine barrels

Moldova is also famous for its sparkling wine. They cannot call it Champagne because of the trade marked Champagne region in France. The above picture shows some of the 600,000 bottles of sparkling wine which require being turned 45 degrees every two days. 
And yes this is done manually by hand!

If you are so inclined you can purchase your wine and have it stored here for only $1.50 per bottle per year.

Some of the wine in the collection is not for sale and is part of Cricova's museum. The bottles shown above were part of Hitlers right hand man Hermann Goring.

Just one of many wine tasting rooms available.

We had a choice of two rooms for our tasting

Part of our group chose the room decorated like a traditional Moldova home.

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