Monday, June 29, 2015

Bye Bye Romania

On my way across Romania heading to the border I decided to stop off for lunch. I was told about a popular route which would bring me through the mountains and to a town called Lacu Rosu.

I figured this would be a great mid way stop for lunch. As i was walking away from lunch I once again spotted these interesting rolls that everyone was buying. I had all seen these in Brasov and wondered what they were. 

So off I went to buy one of these and damn what a good decision this was. Now first thing to note is this is not a Romanian treat but actually comes from Hungary and are called Kurtoskalacs. There are a few different flavours but of course I choose the cinnamon and sugar version.

And holy shit it was good! They are interesting to eat as they are hollow and you just tear away strips as it unrolls.

To make the shape they take something that resembles a huge rolling pin and wrap the dough around the pin and bake.

The artiist who created my yummy version. Can't wait to get to Hungary as I will be trying few new flavours for sure.

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