Friday, June 26, 2015

Transylvania Time (Chill'n with the count)

If there is one thing Transylvania is know for that is castles of which they have an abundance. My first stop and recommendation by many was to visit Peles Castle.

I was told it was the prettiest and most interesting to see both inside and out. 

You may notice that I have only posted pictures of the outside. The reason for that is some brainac in Romania has decided to it is smart to close all museums and attractions on Mondays. People these are tourist attractions! Tourist are tourists and they arrive to see things anytime anyplace. What the hell were you thinking!!!!!!

So, after sipping o some coffee looking at the outside of a castle it was time to ride to the town of Brasov. 

Great little city with many parks and of course the obligatory walking street.

While in  Brasov i had the chance to stay two nights with a fellow rider named George and his family.  They were phenomenal hosts and great conversationalists. Here George and i are seen dipping into his homemade liquor made from sour cherries, sugar and homemade alcohol. I love the stuff as the straight alcohol was soothed down by the cherries.

If your movie memory is great you may recognize this castle as the home of none other than Dracula.  After leaving Brasov I headed to the nearby town of Bran which is the home Bram Stokers Dracula.

I hate to say it but it was the let down others had warned me that it would be.was Peles was by far the better castle even though I only saw the outside.

And this is the real reason I came to Romania. 
To ride the famous Transfagarsan mountain pass.

The ride up starts all tame and serene. 

But as you climb it starts to become very inspiring.

This point was around 1600 meters and I reach a little over 2000 meters at the peak. 

This was far from the highest I have ridden (5600 meters South America) but none the less spectacular views.

The pass has only been open a little over a week now awaiting the melting of the snow.

Switchback city!!!!!!

After crossing the apex and coming out of a tunnel I was greater by a temperature drop of at least 10 degrees and fog/clonds

My look is saying what the hell just happened.

The ride down was extra slow due to the twists and turn and less than clear situation, but well worth the effort.

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