Monday, July 6, 2015

Ukraine (Country #39) Where the women look beautiful and the men look angry

The above title is just an observation when people watching. Everyone I have met so far has been very friendly.

Independence monument in the centre of Kiev.

The independence square was not to long ago the site where approximately 100 people where killed during protest a few years back.

You really can't get to much more Russian than this. As a memory of the past it is a must see to go and visit the gigantic Mother of the Fatherland statue. It is for sure one of the most impressive statues i have seen in my journey.

Notice the hammer and sickle on the shield.

The area around the statue is also a war museum and a great place to see soviet era machinery.

Missiles away!

Just one of the many orthodox churches and monasteries throughout Kiev. This one was unique in that it had caves where the mummies of numerous past monks are laid to rest. The caves are free to visit and people walk throughout praying to the mummies.

As usual churches are not my thing but I do appreciate the architecture.

St. Andrews church. 

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