Monday, July 27, 2015

Hungary (Country #42)

I knew even before I arrived that the only way to see the true beauty of Budapest is by night.

From what everyone had told me I was not disappointed. To date it is the prettiest city I have been to both during the day or night.

But at night the city just jumps out with the sparkle of lights everywhere.

The buildings in the historic area of Pest are past architecture at its best

Looking over to the Buda side

Many may not know but Budapest is actual split into two cities divided by the Danube. On the west side you will find Buda and on the east side Pest.

Hence the name Budapest.

Parliament building on the Pest side.

the chain bridge of Budapest was the first bridge built jointing Buda and Pest

Budapests version of the eye found in London.

The down side of my visit to Budapest was the heat wave they were experiencing. It was extremely tiring trying to walk around a concrete city in 40 degree weather. Taking a break from the heat on Margaret Island.  

This street musician decided to try and break a world record of continuously playing an according for 24 hours. Unfortunately he was trying to do this during the heat wave.

A little bit of colour during the day. 
My personal opinion is Budapest is a must see city if you are coming to Europe.

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