Monday, July 27, 2015

Serbia (Country #43)

Well I am heading south again out of the Schengen visa zone. If I want to stay in Europe longer I need to bank sometime in the non-Schengen zone countries. 
So off to Serbia I went.

I have decided I am tired of Capital cities so for the near future it will be secondary sized cities or the country side. The perfect city for this in Serbia is the town of Novi Sad.

It has a great old town centre to hang out in.

Another little surprise is what they call the Strand. It is a beach area they have created on the Danube river beneath the Strand bridge.

It was quiet when I was there on a Monday but the place has a beach, many little bars and food stands.

Petrovaradin citidal

And of course like every other place in Europe, you either have a castle or a fortress.

On the way south to Ezuice i had a chance to run some of the back roads.

I love not knowing what the road ahead will bring.

Yup nothing like cutting through some corn fields

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