Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cappadocia South

More spectacular landscape this time in the southern half of Cappadocia.

Hard to believe but there are 23 floors carved into this old rock castle!

When hiking through the valley it seems everywhere you look there are cave houses. People must have been everywhere like a regular city.

One of many naturally carved tunnels in the valley floor.

The engineering feat of this underground city where thousands of people lived is a must see. They went about there daily living of cooking, washing and working as if above ground.  They even housed there livestock all under ground. 

It is a network of tunnels and family houses and the city itself is multi levelled. The big round rock was rolled into place to seal off an entrance from enemies. The people and animals would then retreat to another part of the city or escape tunnel.

One of many connecting tunnels

The tunnels were not made for our larger frames and height

Had a chance to vist a family living in an actual cave house. The family is third generation living there. as it continues to get passed on down.
All the amenities and comforts of the common day. 

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