Saturday, May 23, 2015

Farewell Turkey Hello Greece (Country #32)

Well after 50 days of being in Turkey it was time to say goodbye. Between waiting for the bike to arrive from Mumbai. The challenges with the Turkish customs for both my bike and the new starter ordered. I was certainly ready to leave.

That being said though none of it would have been possible if it were not for the friends I made while in Istanbul. If it weren't for my friends Zulal and Marco I am sure my bike would still be in Turkish customs.

And as expected once again the Triumph dealers came through. Any time I have needed service around the world each dealer has gone above and beyond to help me out.

Who ever coined the phrase "it's a small world after all" was not kidding. My original plan was to head straight to Greece from Turkey. But I was informed through friends that Greece was charging an extortionist $100 euro for the mandatory Green Card insurance. So I thought I would try and get it at the Bulgaria border for less and then cross right into Greece for there. 

And because of that decision two good things happened.

1) Bulgaria only charged $35 euro for the insurance

2) I ran into another rider named Jonathan that I had been in contact with on Facebook through mutual friends. So yes, it is a small world when you randomly meet people you know at foreign borders. 

So instead of heading straight to Greece I decided to camp out the night in 
Bulgaria too exchange a few stories over beers.

So far Greece has not disappointed in the scenery department. I have ridden through mountains; rolling hills with vineyards and wheat fields.

The view from my campsite overlooking mount Parnassus.

Tomorrow i will be in the town of Delphi searching for the famous Oracle of Greek legend. Maybe i will find out what is in store for my future?

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