Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cappadocia North

The area of Cappadocia itself is huge and to see it all in one day is impossible. The landscape is vast and dream like in its appearance. 

For the next two blogs I have broken it down into the North and South to gain a better understanding of what you would see. 

Just one of the many Bronze age homes you will see carved into the stones by the Troglodytes. And yes, those are the hand a foot holes carved into the stone leading up to the entrance.

In another area you will find Monks valley famous for the "fairy chimneys"

Again signs of ancient homes carved out of the rock.

Even today many of these homes are still lived in by families. Others have been incorporated into hotels or B&B's. 

Dying of the wool

Of course if you are in turkey you must learn about the procedures in making Turkish carpets. 

Sipping on Turkish coffee and learning about what makes a Turkish carpet so special. 

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