Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hierapolis and Pamukkale

Before continuing on with the sites of Turkey a little bit of good news. It seems Fred is right on schedule as indicated by the below tracking chart. As per plan he has made it to Port Said in Egypt and has been off loaded. On the 27th he will be loaded onto another cargo ship for the final destination of Port Haydarpasa in Istanbul.

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When visiting the town of Pamukkale you get a two for one in sites to see. The first site is the ancient city of Hierapolis.  

Hierapolis was founded as a healing spa in 2nd century BC.

An earthquake in the 7th century eventually lead to the abandonment of the city.

The Theatre

A few overlooking the valley in the province of Denizli.

The second site you get to see are the amazing terraces and travertines formed from the hot springs rich in calcium carbonate.

The name Pummakale in Turkish translates to Cotton Castle.

In ancient times they would wash the cotton picked from the fields in the spring water. This would leave the cotton extra soft when processed.

There are 17 hot springs ranging from 35-100 degrees celsius.

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