Monday, February 9, 2015

The villages of Inle Lake

Boats used to tour the lake

Inle lake is found in the Shan  state plateau and is around 22km long and 10 km across.

One of the most famous sites is the local fisherman who have a unique way of fishing and steering their boat. The water is only about 3 feet deep and clear. They paddle their boats by wrapping one leg around the oar. this allows them two free hands for fishing.

traditional Inle fisherman

When they spot a fish below they lower a bamboo cage with a net on the fish then spear it from the top.

Floating market of Inle with Stupas in the background

Women of the Kayan Lahwi tribe weaving.

The girls start to wear the rings around the age of 5 giving the women the appearance of long necks. In reality what is happening  the rings are forcing the shoulders downward.

After about 20 years the will wear 24 rings equalling an astonishing 8 kg!!!!!!!

very very heavy

The ancient Stupas found on Inle have been placed here over the centuries by more than 13 reigning kings.

Dog tired.

Weaving silk from gilded lilies found in the lake.

Amazing how complicated these weaving machines were. 

Typical houses found on the lake. There are more and more villages being created on the lake which is starting to put pressure on the lake itself.

The villages are self sustaining by producing there own vegetables on floating gardens. Each row you see is mud from the lake wrapped with weeds and grass creating floating rows too plant crops on. Each row is also pierced with bamboo poles (seen in picture) enabling the rows of crops too float up or down the poles during the dry or rainy season.

floating gardens

The elevation of the water can change as much as 3 meters. This ingenious method prevents the crops from ever being flooded.

Monks leaving a village monastery

The making of the local cigar called Cheroot.

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