Monday, February 2, 2015

The Golden Cave of Pindaya

Another day in Myanmar Buddha hunting. Prior to that though we decided to have tea with the monks at a 200 year old monastery. It is the monks tradition to offer you tea and some food when you visit a monastery. As you can see i could never be a buddhist since i cannot sit cross legged. 
I am about as flexible as a dry pretzel.

The view from the Golden Cave in Pindaya was gorgeous.

So why do they call it the golden Cave? 

Because it is filled with 8000 buddhas covered in gold. It was definitely one of the most awe inspiring things i have scene.

The cave itself was a huge cavern filled to the top with all sizes of Buddhas.

The oldest Buddha dates back to the 18th century.

After the cave we visited a shop where they make traditional paper umbrellas. The lady in the above photo is pounding out the wet bark to make the fine paper.

Hand painting each umbrella

Decided to have some tea again while taking a break in the umbrella shop.

After a big day of riding and Buddha hunting. Nothing is better than a glass of rum and the end of a hard day. And of course if you can protect yourself from Malaria at the same time all the better.

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