Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Island of Koh Samui

Another ferry ride finds me on the island of Koh Samui. I have left the Adaman sea for the East coast which now puts me on the Gulf of Thailand. 

As with most places in the world there needs to be a tourist attraction. It is a religious meeting place and you must remove your shoes prior to climbing the stairs. And of course I chose the dark stairs which was not the brightest idea. 32 degree temperatures means burning hot on the feet. 

View of the bay from the big budda

When on the island there seems to be two main beaches/hotel areas where most tourists stay. Chewang and Lamai. I chose Lamai myself as it is less busy, but still has enough entertainment to keep you satisfied. They are only 10 mins apart so easily accessible by scooter or taxi.

Now this big Budda is not even close to the one found in Phuket, but he is the biggest on Samui.

Hiked to  a few waterfalls in the mountains expecting to go for a dip when there. But was disappointed in both the colour of the water and lack of it.

One of the paths to a waterfall

My breakfast view for the last two weeks. I have been staying here waiting for my GPS screen and cannot think of a better place to be "Stuck".

big decision of the day......which beach chair to choose

Blue warm water.......great sunsets...... LG baby 
Lifes good

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