Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bangkok to Chiang Mai

A two day impromptu stop for some service in Bangkok.  Lead to some amazing hospitality and service from the Triumph dealer network. And a few bottles of Jack Daniels killed with some local Triumph riders.   
Do not fret my new friends as I shall return to Bangkok on my loop back.

One of the moments when you go.......Holy geez did I really just drive to Bangkok from Canada. 
How crazy is that!

The scenerey on the way up north was extremely lush due to it being the rainy season.  

The population is a little more scarce on the route through the mountains I took up north. So instead of giant fuel stations they have these bike pumps. Totally self service like a vending machine.Just put in your cash and it calculates the number of litters and pump away.

Fuel for the bike first than some fuel for me. Once again I had no clue what this was but it looked good. Turned out to be some kind of rice in a sausage skin with what tasted like sauerkraut. As for the red part could not really tell if that was supposed to be there or not. 
Tasted good though.

Looking out over Chiang Mai.

Temples, Temples, Temples

Who doesn't like dragons

All I can say is theres a high level of cute factor going on with these kids

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