Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fred is back together (99%)

It took over a month to arrange organize parts and shipping but everything finally arrived.

New front subframe bracket

All I can say is it a pain to have any form of accident in these countries when you need to source parts.  But it all came together and I spent a few hours while in Ao Nanag putting the front of Fred back together.

New lights and gauges

Yes, I could get these parts local except it was still cheaper to have them sent from North America. The import duties in these countries is out of control. To give an example of how import duties effect the final price. My bike alone cost twice as much in Malaysia as it did back home/

New windscreen and brackets

The only pieces missing (forgot in the shipping process) were the brackets required to attach the new windscreen.  

But as always things work out. While on the Island of Koh Samui the owner of the hotel had a shop below the hotel and we were able to source out and fabricate some homemade brackets.

Working on the brackets after a trip to the local hardware store. 

Allen (above picture right) is the owner of the hotel. He is originally from Montreal, Canada and has been extremely helpful. 

The 1% left to have Fred complete is the replacement of the GPS screen. It has arrived in Malaysia and I should have it soon.

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