Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ao Nang (Krabi District)

After leaving Phuket I backtracked a bit to the town of Ao Nang. It is another beach town found on the mainland but still looking onto the Adaman sea. Since I had already been to some of the islands while in Phuket. I decided to do something more land oriented. 
I did the touristy thing and took a half day tour consisting of elephant trekking followed by hot spring and finally a cool swim in an emerald pool.

First stop elephant rides. 

Some of the scenery while cursing on the elephants.

Next stop a set of hot springs.

After half an hour of relaxing I started to wonder why I was siting in hot water when the temperature outside was 30 degrees? As nice as it was it does not compare to the feeling of soaking when it was -30 degrees outside.  Thats when you feel the real effects of a hot spring!

Very relaxing all the same though. The other great thing is I am travelling during the low season so which means very little crowds. I would hate to see these tourist places during the high season.

Final stop of the day was the emerald pool. 

Absolutely the clearest water I have seen. The above pool was not for swimming but that was taken care of by others where swimming was allowed.

Unfortunately the water was not as cool as I would have liked but refreshing all the same.

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