Friday, June 13, 2014

The name is Bond..... James Bond

So I decided to get off the main Island and take a day trip too some of the other numerous Islands found in the Adaman sea. First stop James Bond Island named so after the filming of the movie the 
Man with the Golden Gun.

The Island is actually very small and it is amazing what they can do with the right camera angle. 

I do need to watch the movie again to see if I notice anything familiar from the Island. Classic bond movie though! I think it was Sean Connery in those days?

After James Bond Island we had the opportunity to due some exploring in a Bat Cave with the Kayaks. 

Yes there were bats and yes it smelt like bat shit in there lol. Thankfully none decided to drop any presents on me.

After coming out the other side you find yourself in a hidden Lagoon surrounded by high cliffs.

Shameless Selfie

After the bat cave we headed to Hong Island. This whole area of the Adaman sea is what you see in the brochures for Thailand with the beautiful cliffs and green water.

traversing through the cliffs

Now everyone was given a guide and because I was the only solo person (not unusual) they decided to let the son of one of the other paddlers take me around. I felt so bad since he weighed about 25 kilos wet. But he was a trooper and I guess on his way to a first time career.

Just some more great views from the Kayak while the little kid was paddling the fat farang around hehehe.

Rest/photo stop on one of the islands. 
Southern Thailand is a must see so do not miss it!

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