Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Welcome to the Kingdom of Thailand (Country #25)

 First Stop the Island of Phuket with it many beaches. 
It is also the largest Island found in Thailand. And a gateway for tours to the many smaller islands found in Adman sea.

You start to realize you are getting around the world when the signs continue to change. One moment you are in South America being warned to watch out for Lamas crossing. Then Australia and the signs for Kangaroos and now followed by Elepahants! Never thought I would see that sign. Back home we only worried about deer crossings. 

I could not imagine what it would be like to run into an Elephant. Better yet try and explain that one to your insurance provider.

They do love to worship there elephants and buddas. 

This is the giant budda sitting onto of a hill. Rio has its christ statue and now Phuket has its giant budda.

Phuket is a mixture of relaxation and complete sin. The main party area can be found at Patong beach.

Just one walk down Bangla road and you will see bar after bar with GOGO dancers and everything else you could imagine. 
And yes everything is for sale! 

 No trip to a city is complete for me unless I eat at the local street vendors.

Patong beach had some great street food.

Time too sit down grab a beer and choose some meat and seafood for supper.

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