Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dragons do exist

Made it to Labuanbajo after some serious riding. After a days rest it was time to go to the Island of Rinca in Komodo National park to see the dragons in their natural habitat.

My two hour ride to the island powered by a non mufflered V8 engine. And I thought the ferry was noisy.

Had the whole boat to myself. Really did not plan that as I get enough alone time on the bike but others cancelled out. 

There are about four Islands the dragons can be found on. 

This guy looks like the grumpy cat version of a Komodo Dragon

5 year old

Basically the only thing between you and the dragons is your guide who carry's a large wooden stick

This guy is about 20 yrs old. They live between 50-60 years!

The dragons can reach up too three meters if food is abundant.

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