Sunday, April 13, 2014

Kuta (Island of Lombok)

After the third ferry ride of five I have arrived on the Island of Lombok. 

During the ferry ride from Labuanbajo to Sumbawa I met Johann. He used to live in Switzerland but now calls Northern Bali his home. He was also riding a motorcycle so we decided that since we were going in the same direction we would ride together.

We decided to hit the surf town of Kuta Lombok 
(not to be confused with the surf town of the same name on Bali). 

We checked into a great place called the Spot Bugalows. The town has lots of options to stay and the restaurants are excellent! Take note of all the scooters which all the surfers rent to get to the beaches.

My room for the week. Basic but that is all I ever need now. 

Mawun Beach

The beaches are gorgeous along with the surrounding scenery. 

An Beach

Johann had to head home but I decided to stay too see if I could get my surf skills back. I will catch up with him again in Bali as he has invited me to come stay at his house for a few days. He will also help me get my visa extension for another 30 days in Indonesia. This visa can be a challenge to acquire in Indonesia as you require a sponsor.

It seems to be a small world. I keep running into Mat and Kelsey who I first met in Dili. Then again in Kupang, Labuanbajo and now in Kuta. We decide to all hit the surf on another beautiful day.

Heading out to the reef by boat. You hire a boat for $5 each to take you out to the surf.

So thats it from here. The next post should be coming from the Island of Bali!

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