Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ferries of torture & Mt. Kilimutu

Well I survived my first of five ferry rides to get across the many Islands of Indonesia. As we all know these are infamous for sinking. The seas were calm but the real torture came from what transpired during the 15 hour voyage.  

When you buy a ticket you will get economy class which comprises of these metal seats. Now you do not need to be here to know sitting upright for 15 hours on metal will take its toll.

So I opted for the VIP suite above for an extra $5 which comprised of wooded bunk beds and a comfy mattress. You would think this would allow for a restful nights sleep WRONG.  Well little did I know that no matter where you were on the boat. They would torture you by cranking music through large speakers and leaving all the lights on for the complete fifteen hour trip!!!!!!!!!! 
I really do not understand the purpose of this. It was clear that people wanted to sleep since the boat left at 2:30 PM and did not arrive until 5:30m the next morning.

It seems that veterans of the ride figured that it was actually better to sleep among the cargo and vehicles in the below deck. They left the lights on of course, but at least you could escape the music. I myself finally found a place on the top deck under the stairs (with ear plugs in) allowing for a few hours sleep.   

Fred packed in amongst the other cargo. All those boxes are full of baby chics. Even though I barley got any sleep I arrived safe and sound and only have four more ferry crossings to go with each one getting progressively less in duration. The next one is only seven hours long yeah......

Hard to believe I was originally first in line.
Another lesson learned 
(first in line means nothing in Indonesia). 
Well dumb old me for thinking that just because I was first in line at the fuel station in Larantunka before it opened that I would be first to get fuel. I swear I was at the starting line of a motocross event. 
Hear I was waiting with my 800cc bike when all of a sudden the gas attendant starts to walk toward the chain blocking the entrance. Before he even got there all these little 10cc mopeds fire up and start revving there engines waiting for the chain to drop so they could take off and cover the 50 feet to the pumps. 
Note to myself I really need to start practicing my hole shot start off the line.

One of the reasons for taking the long way across the Island was so I could walk up Mt. Kilimutu. At the top are the three coloured lakes. As the sign in the picture says the lakes are always changing in colour.

Absolutely stunning view from up top.

One lake was the colour of chocolate. I was also told that it has turned to red at times.

Good contrast of two of the lakes. The third lake was a typical blue so I did not take a picture.

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