Friday, February 7, 2014

Fred working on Fred

Here I go again with another new set of tires for Fred. Just like death and taxes are always a guarantee. So is going through a lot of tires when riding around the world. I am now on my fourth set with many more to come!

And as usual it is a pain the ass to locate the tires you want. Even in developed countries it can be a challenge.

Mitas E07's

So this time after numerous calls I finally found what I  was looking for in Brisbane.  Lets see how long these ones last. I hope they at least get me to Singapore.

Fred getting ready for a little modification

Well once again, people I have come in to contact in the past have come through in the future. Back when I was in Adelaide I met a gentlemen named Fred through Jeffrey and Helen. And over a few beers in the pub he mentioned that should I ever be in Brisbane give him a shout. 
And of course I would have a place to stay. 
Talking shop over a few beers in Fred's man cave
Now after sitting in his shop (really it is his little hideaway) and talking over a few beers (well many really). I mentioned that with my new tires (because of the nobbies) I have a lot less room between the front mudguard and the tire. This can cause a problem for when going through mud as the front wheel can lock up with packed mud.
Fred making the riser kit
So I mentioned to Fred that there is a riser kit you can buy that will raise the guard by 10mm to help clear the mud. But what you need to know is Fred was an engineer in the Vietnam war and also worked on various mining operations. 
So he has the skill to create whatever he needs from scratch. To this day he still works on old engines and has every tool imaginable.
 So to buy something when you can easily make it, is sacrelgious.

Fred working on Fred
So a few hours later the following day and I have a brand new set of front mudguard risers.
 Both Fred and I thank you.

Local owls that have been on the property for years
Another little hobby of his is to sit back and watch the local bird population come in each evening for a feed. 
Courtesy of Fred of course.

All the birds get a together and share in the feast.

And again I will mention that this is what my trip is about. Meeting people like Fred and his wife Lynn. Great people with great life stories and always ready to lend a hand. 

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