Sunday, February 2, 2014

From Bright to Byron Bay

One thing that has become apparent while in Australia. They are in love for Urinal troughs. They pretty much can be found in every establishment. Now I am all pro for these things especially at sporting events where you need to move volume. But I am learning that they are not the greatest idea for a country where you wear flip flops 90% of the time.

A few other things I have noticed:

They actually still have video stores (that was so yesterday guys).
Their internet infrastructure sucks big time
When you arrive in Australia you automatically forfeit your first name. From then on you will be for ever know as Mate. How's it going mate! G-Day Mate! No worries Mate!

Well I finally broke down and put on a set of Australian made barkbusters for Fred. I was tired of snapping break and clutch levers when the bike was dropped. The stock handguards just did not give the protection needed.    

After leaving Yea I headed to the town of Bright in the Snowy Mountains. Yup the are called that because they actually get snow here and have ski hills.

It was a great ride since it is the first time I had a chance to swim in some fresh water lakes. It reminded me of back home also with the mountains lined with Pine trees.

A must do when near Sydney is to ride the Sea cliff highway which takes you into the National Park just outside of Sydney. Amazing ride and a great semi tropical National Park right at Sydney's door step. 
Could live in this area in a heart beat!

Yup another lighthouse. This one found at Byron Bay.

Now i am just short of the Gold Coast in Byron Bay. From hear just great surf beaches and towns along with awesome views. I want to head further North, but am being challenged with the bloody Cyclone season in the North.

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