Friday, January 10, 2014

Western Australia (the coast)

As is most of Australia the Western coast is all about the beaches. Kilometre after kilometre of beautiful aqua blue water and white sand.

This is the swimming hole I chilled out at on New Years Eve day. I chose the word CHILLED specifically because as blue and tempting as she looks. She is very cold at a 16 C temp! 40 C degrees on the beach and you are forced to jump in and have your breath taken away.  

On the way up the coast to Perth it was suggested I go to see the Elephant Rocks. A short hike and you find the entrance to the beach.

Looking out from the beach at elephant rocks. Don't see the elephants yet?

Ok, there you go if you use your imagination these rocks look like a heard of elephants form behinds

This is the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse and what makes it special is the point it sits on. This is where the southern and indian oceans meet. 
Yup, and I stood there.

Very cool looking! The wave rock can be found about 600km inland near a town called Hyden. You can read the sign yourself to figure out how it was formed.

And don't worry I only had to drive through 40 degree temps again to bring you this pics. It's a tough life but someone has to do it.

cheers from down under!

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