Sunday, January 19, 2014

Heading back East

Time to head back east towards Sydney and the Gold Coast. And of course the best way is off road when you can. There is only so much asphalt you can handle after thousands of kilometers.

Found this great settlers cabin in the middle of the bush. 
A great place to stop for lunch.

Well some motorcycles are just not as tough as Fred. Looks like someone lost their top box along the way.

Another reason to cut through the outback.  These Emu's were enjoy a drink on the trail since the temperatures have been in the 40's.

While cutting across the country slowed my progress for the day. This sunset more then made up for it. The colour of the sky looks exactly how the temperature felt that day.  

Setting up late at a roadside stop along the Nullarbor.

One of the greatest things about my adventure to Western Australia was the great score. Some little kid is going to be having a bad day. I found his camping chair on the side of the road. I guess dad forgot to tie it down. 
So sad to bad! I now have a great seat for the rest of my camping while in Australia.

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