Monday, December 30, 2013

The dreaded Nullarbor (Western Australia)

So why the dreaded Nullarbor? 
Because it is 2000km of nothing but flat desert land and extreme temperatures
The Great Australian Bight shows up near around the 1000km mark into the ride. Before that nothing nada.............

Never did see a damn Camel. At least it would have created some excitement.

Murphy's Haystacks called so because coach drivers in the olden days said thats what they looked like from afar.

I really can't think of anything more exciting to do on a motorcycle than drive in a straight line forever NOT!

Pretty much sums it up

Finally a chance to break up the ride by going 200km off road through the outback.

Was trying for the magazine cover look but definitely failed. funny thing is it was the first time I used my tripod that I have been carrying around since Central America. And for some odd reason I chose to screw around with it in 40 degree temperatures in the middle of nowhere. 

Well after three days of riding through empty space it was time for Fred and I to hit the beach in Esperance. Did I forget to mention that I have to do it all over again to get back to the east side of Australia

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