Friday, November 29, 2013

While waiting for Fred to arrive

Forgot to post this in the last post. Just a shot of arrival into Sydney, Australia.

Since I am waiting a few days for Fred to arrive I decided to continue doing the tourist thing. A must stop is to the famous Bondi Beach. 

I really wanted to surf here but I was still feeling the effects of jet lag.  The day was perfect for it but I decided to go surf the following day at Manly beach instead.

The Wharf downtown Sydney

Sydney has done a great job with their Royal Botanical Garden downtown.  Great place to chill and either look at the cityscape or out over the harbour.

Manly beach board walk

You get to Manly beach via a half hour ferry ride through Sydney Harbour. It is a great way to get a view of the internal harbour. Unfortunately the day I decided to go surfing at Manly  the conditions were less than perfect so I decided to pass.

Great day overall though!

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  1. brings back breat memories, if you go all the way to the northern part of Bondi you get a free ride back out on the rip when you are surfing! something i learned a few years ago!!!