Monday, December 2, 2013

Back on the road

Well I spent all day Friday getting the bike imported into Australia. The process took 8hrs but the delay was not due to myself but rather some internal politics between the terminal depot manager and Australian Quarantine. I was impressed I could do it all myself without the need of a receiving agent who would charge BIG bucks.  
So here is the process for fellow riders coming into Sydney.
  • Find your bike which will be in one of the two Quantas Terminals (1 or 3). Mine was in 1.Then you will need to go to Terminal 3 and get the paper work. They will tell you you need an agent but you do not. 
  • They will then point you in the direction of the Customs building 7min walk
  • Find a little stand with a computer screen and push the Carnet button. You will receive a number wait to be called. Customs was sure easy! Just handed over the Carnet and they filled it in NO INSPECTION OF THE BIKE. Then they automatically made me an appointment to go see Quarantine.
  • Quarantine is in the same building and about 5 feet away from customs.
  • This is where the delay started as they said they could not inspect my bike at the terminal and it would need to be shipped to an offsite approved inspection site. This meant hiring a truck to pick it up and deliver to an inspection site. I politely argued that they do numerous bike inspections in the terminals. After a few calls they apologized and said it could be done. I then paid the $55 fee.
  • Walked back to Terminal 1 where my bike was and met the inspector. This is where shit hit the fan between the two departments. The certified terminal agent was not willing to assist the quarantine inspector with my bike. Nor would he allow me to enter the secure area and assist. So after an hour and a half I was given a day security pass to enter and asset with the inspection. I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!
  • Now you need to go back to Terminal 3 and pay for the final paper work and some storage. cost me $188. 
  • Once again walk back to Terminal 1 where they will check the system to see that all process have gone through. Then they released the bike and brought Fred out to the front where I could reassemble him.
As they say in Latin America Todo Bueno (alls good) and in Australia it is no worries mate.

How you know you are in Australia? 

This was the first sign I saw at my first campsite. Oh joy oh joy lol! There was also one for deadly snakes. But once you arrive in Australia you quickly realize it is all about camping in this country.

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