Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Random faces and places

Well I officially started my final run south to the tip of South America. I am a little ahead of schedule so I will probably be in for some challenging weather as spring has just started. My first stop was the town of Azul where I was told I must drop by and meet an avid motorcycle enthusiast Jorge aka "Pollo".  And wow am I glad I did!

Jorge has to be the nicest person I have met. My plan was to say hi and then spend the night at a hotel. Jorge would have none of that and said the classic "mi case es su casa". And promptly showed me to a room in his house where I would stay the night. 

Jorge was so pumped that I was there that he pulled out a Canadian flag and raised it on the pole in front of his clubhouse. He wanted all  know that there was a Canadian in town.

Jorge has a little club house on his property where friends and family gather.  All the walls are covered in signatures of other motorcycle travellers from around the world that have passed through here before me.

I arrived on a Wednesday and Jorge really wanted me to stay for the Friday night Asado (BBQ) that he has every week. I had to gracefully decline as I needed to continue my run south. He still managed to gather some friends and we broke bread, drank wine while we and talked motorcycles and travelling.

I was not worried about Fred being stolen as he was guarded all night by about 10 rabbits running around the property.

As usually a random stopped turned into the limitless generosity of complete strangers. I have scene beautiful landscape and architecture during my travels. But it is the people who are the heartbeat of the countries that will provide the fondest  memories.

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