Friday, September 27, 2013

Colonia Del Sacramento (Uruguay) Country #19

The best way to get to Uruguay from Tigre is via the Cacciola ferry (2 hours). It goes direct to the sleepy nothing to see town of Carmelo. Great place to enter as customs was simple and the little town gave my sister a chance to see what I would usually drive through.

This was not our final destination of the day though. We now needed to hop on a bus for 1 hour and head south to the Unesco world heritage town of Colonia Del Sacramemnto.

Postcard perfect

The town is extremely popular with visitors from around the world due to its old world charm.

The town has antique cars placed throughout as display pieces.

A cute restaurant we tried out on the street. The sun was out but with the high winds the temperature was still cold. This definitely had an effect on people enjoying the outdoor atmosphere.

I had a plate of fish, while my sister had some muscles.

Table for two 

This was the inside of the high speed ferry on the return to Argentina. Your choice is the slow ferry at 3 hours or the other at 50 mins. Why even bother having the slow anymore?

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