Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tigre, Argentina

Well we left the City of Buenos Aries for a neighbour hood called Tigre about 30km north of the city centre. There are numerous options to get there like boat, train or bus. We opted on the local train line for the crazy cheap price of $3.75 pesos each! 

End of the line Tigre station

Our first night accommodations in Tigre. 
All was good except for the fact that my sister was extremely pissed at the rooster that woke her up at 5am. We found out the next morning from the owner that the neighbour has pheasants and other birds next door. He was quite excited about it. My sister not quite so..........

Tigre is a weekend destination for most from Buenos Aries due to all the canals. 

There are plenty of rowing clubs along the canal.

From this shot you would think you were in Amsterdam. And it also felt like Amsterdam in the winter.....Damn the weather has been extra cold while my sister has been visiting unfortunatly.

Tigre lies on the delta waterways north of the city. So we decided to be good tourist and take a tour of some of the waterways.

Some of the architecture along the way.

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