Thursday, October 3, 2013

Patagonia (East Coast)

I was warned that making a run too Patagonia will be one of the most challenging rides yet. And let me tell you it was that and more.

Basically the above picture is what you get for 3000 km in all directions. 
A whole lot of nothing!

Now since I road down earlier than most would (think of the first goose you see in spring when there is still snow around and ice on the lakes and you go what the hell are you doing here so early). Well that was pretty much me. 

Now throw in rain, freezing temperatures, mud and constant winds of 50 kph gusting to 70 kph (the winds in Patagonia have been know to push a motorcycle right of the road). And you get 7 days and 3000 km of pure blissful riding NOT! 
And why you ask? For no other reason then to say you drove the furthest south you possibly can to the end of the continent.

But because of this craziness you get the totally unexpected adventures of a life time.

As most know by now I do not over plan or expect anything. For example I landed in the town of Puerto Madryn just for a overnight stop. Little did I know that because I was travelling south early I was in prime time to see the elephant seals.

So I decided what better way to spend the next day (my birthday) then getting up close and personal with these hugh beasts. 

I truly felt like I was from National Geographic laying among the Elephant seals on a beach in the freezing cold taking pictures.

The dominant male elephant Seal will weigh around 5 tons and have a harem of up to 40 females.

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