Tuesday, October 8, 2013

End of the World (Finally)

"I am doing something millions have dreamed of, but few have accomplished"
Ted Simon- Jupiter's Travels

It is really weird how subconsciously my timing has worked on this trip. I remember that I arrived exactly 6 months to the date of departure at the equator. And now I find myself exactly 16 months to the day at the end of the continent.

Ushuaia is the southern most town of the americas and as far as you can drive south. 
Antarctica is a mere 1000 km away! 
And yes, I am very proud that I accomplished this all by motorcycle. 

The town itself was a very pleasant surprise. I was completely unaware that it was a mecca for outdoor adventure. Climbing, skiing/boarding and Antarctica tours are the norm here. The town itself resembles Banff Canada or Steamboat in the USA.

Also due to having the mountains and the ocean together you could have just as easily mistaken this place for Alaska.

Driving here has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life. I have ridden 50,000 km through amazing scenery some of it in perfect conditions and others in rather harsh elements.

I have mentioned in the past that sometimes I think I should be on a snowmobile rather than a motorcycle. Ushuaia was no different with all the snow around. A motorcycle seemed out of place, but  it also made the sense of accomplishment that much greater. 

I do not look at this as the end but just the closing of the first chapter. And I look forward to my ride back north to Buenos Aries and the start of the next chapter in Australia.

Cheers from the road.


  1. Keep up the adventure Ryan. If only more of us could do what you do. We can at least live vicariously through your experiences!

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  3. Glad to see you made it!! I met a guy in Cusco who just posted this and I thought of you:

    Any motorcylists passing up from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires looking to stop off for a rest be sure to call in to see my friend Sebastian in Comadoro Rivadavia. Sebastian found us looking for a place to camp and brought to his house. We ended up staying for 2 days and having a barbecue. He asked me to share this with you! Also same applied to me in Buenos Aires.. any travellers look a place to crash just drop me a line. http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hubb/bike-friendly-south-america/argentina-comodoro-rivadavia-free-69802

  4. Thanks all for the positive comments as they are much appreciated. Serafina, wish I new about your friend on the way down Ruta 3. I ended up staying a night in Commodora would have been good to meet him.