Saturday, October 12, 2013

El Calafate

It seems that I am not the only early bird to Patagonia. As chance would happen three solo riders from around the world chose the same hostel to stay at. 

We all arrived in the town of El Calafate at different times to go see the glacier nearby. Apolonio on the left is from Spain and Albert in the middle is from Brazil. Albert is heading south to Usuahia and both Apolonia and myself are returning from Ushuaia and heading north. Because of this Apolonio and I have decide to ride north together for as long as our schedules permit. 

I do not know of a faster way to make friends around the world then this. I now have two more invites to stay at homes when passing through. And of course they will be added to my world contact list of people to visit when in there city.
As the famous Amex commercial goes something like this is Priceless!

I know when I left I said I had enough with the snow in Canada and was not in a hurry to see it again. But my ride down south changed that as the scenery was amazing. Adding to this was my visit to the Glacier Perito Moreno.

The glacier is the only know glacier at this time to be actually advancing.

In the national park they have created a great facility to get up close.
Cool dude in front of a cool glacier.

If you time it right you will get to see and hear the large pieces of glacier calving off into Lago Argentina. 

Many amazing colours were reflected off the glacier. 

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