Friday, October 18, 2013


The famous Ruta 40 highway is taking me and Apolonia north. This is supposed to be the equivalent of Route 66 in the USA. The scenery varied from mountains and rolling hills to flat out nothing as depicted below. And like Route 66 in the USA very little traffic.

It is hard to believe this used to be 3000 km of Ripio (gravel). But do not fear adventure travellers as 700 km is still ripio/off-road. 

Apolonio and I stopped at a routine police check point after leaving El Cafate. As usual the police were great and just doing there job.

1000 km plus later (2 days) we made it to the mountain resort town of Bariloche. 

After 2 days here Apolonio and I had to depart company due to time schedule differences. 
I decided to stay an extra day or two so I could take a drive through the mountains near the town.

Found myself a little Crevezaria spot for lunch. A cold beer a book and sunshine what more could you want. Well a women would be nice, but thats a whole other issue lol.

Apolonio and myself became good friends with the owner of the hostel since he was a fellow rider himself. He took us one afternoon to his house 20 km outside of town which was amazing.

Completely open floor plan

And to add to his coolness (and obviously his wife's) he parks both his motorcycle and quad inside the house.  
Oh to dream!

Well if I can sum up Argentina it is thousands upon thousands of km of nothing, with brilliant spots between. Expect long riding days and even longer days (20+ hrs) by bus if you are a backpacker to most of the famous towns/sites.

 After finishing Patagonia I think Fred is all ready for Australia. I put knew brakes on in Usuhia an oil change in Bariloche and my third rear tire in Mendoza. 
So yes, get ready to wear out some parts when you hit Argentina!


  1. Ryan, I can't believe you're still traveling! What a feat. It looks like you're heading to Australia soon- are you going to then continue to Asia? So glad your trip has been going well.

    Cheers, Brennan

  2. Brennan great to hear from you! Yes the plan is Asia after Australia.How about you in more travel plans in the works. Belize seems so long ago now.

  3. What's been your favorite country so far? I'm tentatively planning a trip to Cuba in a few months. In July I went to Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Cambodia. I highly recommend Myanmar!!!! So no trip weariness yet? Love all the photos. I hope to check out the Patagonia region one day.

  4. I really liked Columbia. Can't wait for Asia...heard nothing but good things. Will probably hit Mynamar as well but you are not allowed foreign vehicles there. So may have to hoof it.