Monday, August 26, 2013

Paraty, Brazil (finally running south)

It was time to say goodbye to Rio as I start my official run south. 

I have decided to run the coast of Brazil all the way down to Uruguay. My first planned stop was the town of Paraty only 260km south of Rio.

The town has some of the most character I have seen in my travels. Along with the largest cobbled stone roads as well. Basically they used boulders to make the originally roads throughout the town. 

I bet thousands of visitors each year twist their ankles.

An interesting sight was to see a majority of the streets near the harbour flood everyday during high tide? I guess you can't enter or leave your house during that time.

Colourfully painted boats waiting to take tourists out for tours.

Below is the popular liquor of Brazil called Cachaca. It is made from fermented sugarcane juice and makes the oh so famous Caipirinhas. 

This picture was taken just a day later on a ferry crossing to the city of Santos. I have left the warmth of Northern Brazil and find myself in rain and 7 degree temperatures. Nothing like freezing my ass off again Arghhhhhhh.

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