Thursday, August 22, 2013

A little bit of home

It is funny how things can work. If you asked me a year ago if I would run into anyone from back home during my travels, I would tell you that you are crazy. But as chance would have it my friend Adam  happened to be working in Niteroi (across the bay from Rio) at exactly the same time I was in Rio.

He was also kind enough to let me stay at his rented condo for a week so we could hang out.

Downtown Niterio has a 2.5 km beach in front with boardwalk

Contemporary Arts museum 
(All I will say is go on Wednesdays when it is free)

View looking across the bay to Rio

Local beach in Niteroi

a few of the local residents

Watching the sunset and an oil rig being pulled out to sea. Over a few cold beers of course!

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