Monday, August 12, 2013

It was bound to happen

When you travel there are always a few key points that make each country memorable in its own way.

 The beauty of the landscape
The architecture 
The people   
 The culture
The food

And with each you have to take the good with the bad. I have seen some absolutely stunning landscape as well as some rather boring landscape. 

View from Vista Chinesa 
I have been able to see the everyday way of life of the people from these countries.

Bikini salesman on the beach
a guys dream job
I have tried food that I have fell in love with and some that I could not spit out fast enough.

The very healthy Acai berry from Northern Brazil 
And I have seen engineering marvels from the past and present. 

The Arcos found in the historic district of Lapa (Rio) 
The Grand Cathedral in the district of Lapa

Now all I have mentioned above has been on the good side. And if you have followed my blog in the past you know the help and kindness others have shown me along the way. 

Unfortunately sometimes you have to experience the bad side of people as well. This became apparent when myself and a friend from back home were walking through the historic district of Rio (Lapa). We were approached from behind and then quickly encircled by five teenagers who were planning on robbing us. 
Adam and I both quickly assessed the situation and new that they were going to try and grab my backpack and pick pocket us by trying to create confusion. There technique was to try and distract us through intimidation. This quickly ended after a few minutes when they realized that by even getting in our face, we were not going to be intimidated.  

If you look closely in the bottom left hand picture you will see two of the punks approaching. Adam had just taken this picture (which I still cannot figure out what he was taking a picture of) and put his camera away when they caught up.

Bottom line all ended well and is my really first negative experience in 18 countries. I have been in all kinds of neighbourhoods, towns and cities and still believe in the kindness of strangers. That being said you still need to be aware of your surroundings and use common sense. 
Also a little bit of luck can't hurt either.

Cheers from the road!

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